CBT with "AI'

Hello. Just saw that there is a challenge here on the text-to-speach. And decided to post an idea which may help someone to make their courses much interesting using AWS technologies.

By the link you may see the beta-testing of Storyline+Amazon Polly+Amazon Sumerian. Minus of this technic is - that this can be used for online courses only. As first you have to build the scene in the Amazon Sumerian, and then copy and paste the shared link to the storyline course. 

Pluses - with sumerian you may create a logic scripts, which basically will give you an opportunity to have real e-trainer inside of your elearning course. Whatever was built in sumerian you may run in a full screen with 360 heading change by mouse right click.

Simply use link below, login with guest access to the platform and select Storyline+AWS course.


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Yurii Samonov

Hello Diane, 

Well, it's simple to do. There are some explanation videos on how to use Amazon Sumerian on youtube (https://bit.ly/2OwiQO3 ) and also tonnes of text on AWS on how to use Sumeriean. Sumerian giving an opportunity to create an VR/AR/3D apps. Online webgl editor.

1) First you have to choose and run Amazon Sumerian service in the AWS Console.

AWS Sumerian

2) Create a New project, using template 'Speech & Gestures'.

Speech & Gestures

3) Then you have to create a  Amazon Cognito Identity Pool (Pool ID required for each poject for speech publishing) and copy created ID into the project tab AWS configuration.

4) Once you've finished with the Scene settings setup. Create in the editor whatever you required or planned (you can use there existing templates of characters, environment, etc or import your own (FBX or OBJ) into sumerian. Apply speach on the right hand panel.). Also you can add the states to each object, using States Machine tab, so by this you will add some logical scripts and behavior for your characters or other objects.

Then just publish the project with option for PUBLIC views using PUBLISH button on top of right corner - this will give you a shareble link. This link you can embed to your storyline course.