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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Greg! It sounds like your slides are already created, right? And you need to center a textbox exactly on several slides? You can select the textbox and on the Format tab, choose Align > Center and Align > Middle. If that feels like too much clicking, you could add the "Align Center" and "Align Middle" options to your Quick Access toolbar...that would reduce the number of steps needed, which might be nice if you have tons of slides to tweak. (Here's a screencast where Tom shows how to add stuff to PowerPoint's quick access toolbar.)

Greg Rider

Thanks for the response.  The text isn't already in a text box, which is part of the problem.  I want the lines of the text to be centered as well as the entire piece of text to be centered vertically and horizonatally on the slide.  Is there something special I need to do for that to occur?

Jeanette Brooks

Greg, it looks like there was a lot of manual formatting in that text that is causing things to go a little wonky if you try to apply additional formatting. Take a look at this screencast and the 2nd slide in the attached tweaked file and see if it helps: