CEO email to "Get on the list"

Feb 11, 2020

I received an email "from" Adam Schwartz, Articulate CEO , teasing about a "new way to train people" and we need to get on the list [] to be the first to know.

So is this like, a 2nd email list for just the new product? I mean, I get an email telling me to sign up and and get a "special email"?

Is this weird to anyone else?


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Joseph Spivey

Hey Alison!

We also received this email. While it does seem a little strange, I imagine more than anything it serves two primary marketing purposes:

  1. Buzz. We were talking about it at the office, making our best guesses at what the service could be, and now we're talking about it here.
  2. Gauging anticipation/early interest/prospects. Being able to see click through rates on the email and those that specifically expressed interest helps them start to generate a list of priority leads post launch.

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