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James Brown

Just make different scenarios in which each certificate is used. Have an Avatar that goes to different cubicles where the different certificates are examined.  Tom made something similar to this in an office scenario.


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nekia - is the objective to help learners find cases where a certificate is out-of-compliance or otherwise not valid? Playing off of James' idea, you could make the course sort of a sleuth-type game where the learner has to gather some info from realistic sources (such as an online compliance manual, or an interviews with an on-screen "expert," etc.)  and determine whether a certificate's in compliance or not.

You could also look at using an Rapid Situational Interactive approach, where the learner is presented with some situational info and then answers a series of themed questions and gets feedback to guide them through the scenario. Here's more info about the RSI model.

James Brown

To add to that, you might even have a follow up where you present the learner with the a critique of the certificate with hot spots that will show them per say all the issues wrong with the certificate. Is the certificate required to be posted in plain sight? If it is where would one look for it?