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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Katherine! We don't currently offer any certification programs, but it's an intriguing idea that does come up from time to time, and it might someday be something that we develop. We do offer a variety of full-day and multi-day training sessions, but I know that isn't the same as demonstrating mastery of e-learning concepts or tools.

Right now, the best ways that Articulate users can demonstrate their mastery is to be active here in the community by sharing tips, answers, advice, sample projects, and course assets ... we especially encourage folks to share their work if it's something that others can benefit from (for example, the other day Gina shared a cool graphic she had made, and posted the file... another example is this thread, where folks shared ideas for a template). Another great way to show your skills and help the community at the same time is to share your favorite e-learning tips & tricks by creating a Screenr screencast, and then sharing the link here in the forums.

Beyond that sort of activity, we're always on the lookout for really exceptional courses that we can feature as examples, not only here in the community but also when we do conferences & workshops. People love to see cool stuff that others have built! It's so inspiring and it can help other users develop their own great ideas and skills. So if you've created something really amazing, definitely feel free to post a link here in the forums - not only is it a great way to gain exposure, it's also a great way to get feedback from other course developers.

Hope that helps!