Challenge #189: Circular menus for a choose-your-own-adventure module

Jan 22, 2018


I didn't create something new for this challenge, but I'm sharing an example from an orientation module I created in a "choose-your-own adventure" style, which gives the user the opportunity to provide their name, pick an avatar, and have a degree of control over the responses their avatar gives to other characters.

I've used a circular style menu to display the possible responses, and each one leads to a different branching scenario.

In the interest of brevity, I've extracted just the first interaction for this example, and sped up the text a little to get to the buttons faster.

You can view the example here, or download the Storyline 360 file below.

As always, feedback is welcome! Enjoy :)

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Kerry O'Rourke

Thank you for sharing this Lj! 

If I wanted to enable the other characters for the user to select, or add more locations to the map for offices where an individual is located - what would be the best way to use this course in a branching manner? through use of layers or different slides? Just trying to understand the best way to continue with this template you have shared. I love what you have so far!

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