Challenge #189: Circular menus for a choose-your-own-adventure module


I didn't create something new for this challenge, but I'm sharing an example from an orientation module I created in a "choose-your-own adventure" style, which gives the user the opportunity to provide their name, pick an avatar, and have a degree of control over the responses their avatar gives to other characters.

I've used a circular style menu to display the possible responses, and each one leads to a different branching scenario.

In the interest of brevity, I've extracted just the first interaction for this example, and sped up the text a little to get to the buttons faster.

You can view the example here, or download the Storyline 360 file below.

As always, feedback is welcome! Enjoy :)

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Kerry O'Rourke

Thank you for sharing this Lj! 

If I wanted to enable the other characters for the user to select, or add more locations to the map for offices where an individual is located - what would be the best way to use this course in a branching manner? through use of layers or different slides? Just trying to understand the best way to continue with this template you have shared. I love what you have so far!

Sarah Hodge

Hi vickie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I downloaded the story file to take a look. The base layer is blank. It looks like LJ put the content on the layers. If you click on the layers for that slide, you can see and edit the content as needed. I attached a screenshot for reference. I hope that helps!