Challenge for Developers

Every so often, I have content (it might be an image, a spreadsheet, a table, etc.) that's too large to fit on the PowerPoint canvas and still be large enough to be able to read.

To the best of my knowledge, the solution in these cases is to use either  web object with scroll bars, or to open a document in a separate window. Neither solution is particulary clean, so I'm wondering if there's something else that could be done.

A few thoughts come to mind.

Consider Google maps... you can zoom in or out, or grab the image and move it in any direction. But I'm pretty sure that's HTML.

I've seen product websites where you get an image of a product, and with a simple mouse-over, a portion of the image is magnified.

I've seen some Flash work where huge images are presented in a smaller window, and you can drag the the image in any direction you please.

So here's the challenge...

Is there a software package out there that would allow a user to create a self-contained SWF that's scrollable/dragable/zoomable/magnifiable?  The key is to be able to insert it in Articulate as a SWF movie without resorting to using a web object.

Or is the a yet-to-be-created Engage interaction that would allow a user to insert a huge image, and have it be automaticaly presented with scrollbars?

I'm hoping that somewhere there's a better solution than dropping HTML on top of Flash.

What say the group?

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