Change in trigger behavior

Jul 01, 2019

On past projects I often built a custom menu screen. Clicking on the menu item alone wouldn't change its state, but reaching the end of the corresponding section would.

Completing the last slide of the section would change a true/false variable. Then, a trigger on the menu slide would say "change state of shape, when the timeline ends, if variable equals true". The button they visited would change state and when all buttons were changed, users could more on.

In the past, I could set the slide to "resume saved state" and, without the timeline moving again, the menu slide would change the state of the button.

Now, as I open old projects, this is no longer true. The trigger doesnt seem to recognize that the timeline is at the end anymore. Clicking anywhere in the timeline however triggers the state change. I was wondering if:

A) Any one else has seen the trigger behaviors change as the updates take place.

B) Anyone can think of a solution that would give me my desired behavior back. I really don't want to make users watch the menu slide over again each time they return.  

I have attached a demo because I m having trouble explaining the issue.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Erika,

I use the same sort of controls for custom menus. However, I usually give the Menu slide a very short timeline (with nothing much happening) so I can have it restart.

If you need your Menu to last longer (e.g., it has narration), there is a trick that will work to change the state of your buttons: Put those triggers on an empty layer, and have the layer reset to its initial state. Then, when a user returns to the Menu, the base will appear in its saved state, but the layer will replay and trigger the triggers.

An edited version of your SL file is attached as proof. :-)

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