Change state twice on drag and release

Hi...I'm building an interaction where the user takes a pin, pops a balloon, and then reveals a word that was "hidden" behind the balloon. The balloon has 3 states: Normal (balloon image), Exploded (explosion image), Visited (word reveal). I have set up a trigger where the state of the balloon changes to "Exploded" when I drag the pin over it, but I'm having trouble changing the state of the balloon to "Visited" when I move the pin off of the balloon. Any suggestions?



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Eric Bryant

Thanks for your suggestion - I tried it, but am still unable to accomplish what I want to do. I may not have explained what I'm hoping to do very well. Ideally I'd like for the state of my balloon to change to Explode when I drag an object (a pin) over the balloon, then when I move the object off the balloon, I want to reveal the state "WordReveal." I can't locate a trigger to do what I'm hoping to do...can I create a custom trigger, or use some sort of variable?