Change text in many SCORM packages without opening?

Imagine I have a set of ten eLearning courses that are going to five different clients. I want to give each client a set of ten courses with their own name on the first page. To do this I have to open each course, manually change the name, publish to SCORM, times fifty!

Ideally I would like to be able to look at a folder of the ten eLearning courses and do a find and replace on the client name, thereby changing the client name on each file in a few moments (and no need to republish).

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I might achieve this?

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Matthew Bibby

This should do the trick:

  • Add a text variable to your course called ClientName - don't give it a value, just leave it blank.
  • Add the below JavaScript to an Execute JavaScript trigger that runs when the timeline starts on the first slide:
var player = GetPlayer();
player.SetVar("ClientName","Ed McLean");
  • Then you can publish the course.
  • To edit the client name, go to the story_content folder and open the user.js file, swap out your name for the clients and save the file.

Here is the .story file.

Here is a demo. (Not that it's a very exciting demo).

I'd love to know how much time this is going to save you!


Matthew Bibby

Yell out if you run into any issues Ed, but you should be fine as this is pretty straight forward.

Few things to consider:

  1. Make the text box as wide as you can and carefully consider font size to make sure you have room for longer client names.
  2. Add fade as an entrance animation to the text box. It helps if there is any delay in grabbing the variable (usually a non-issue).
  3. Use a proper code editor when editing the user.js file. Don't try and change it in Word or anything silly like that.