Changing Coding from Pass/Fail to Complete/Incomplete

I know to changes these values to pass tracking to your LMS it is as simple as changing a "toggle switch" when you publish, but.....

If you have only been given the zipped file is there an easy way to change the coding?  I looked a few of the backend files and I'm sure it can be done, but I'm unsure how much of the coding needs to be changed and specifically where.

Anyone have any ideas?

Need to change Pass/Failed/Unknown to Completed/Incomplete

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Nicole Legault

Very interesting question here Tracy. I wonder if it differs depending on if it's SCORM 1, vs. SCORM 2004, vs. AICC or TinCan. 

Which specification did you publish to?

I found this interesting doc: Scorm Developers Toolkit  and if you scroll down to page 27-28, there might be some info there that can you help you figure this out. It seems as though you might need to create a seperate JS function for Complete/Incomplete and Pass/Fail. But, this is just from a quick glance through this doc I am by no means an LMS/JS/Code specialist. Just my two cents