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Troy Broas

Hi Marta,

After your publish, locate the ioslaunch.html file (you can just use Notepad). Locate the following line of HTML below:

"<a id="launch" href="#" class="button" onclick="return LaunchMobilePlayer(false)" title="launch">Launch</a>"

You can then change the "Launch" text in the anchor tag to anything you want. 

What are you trying to do instead of launch the course in the app?

Marta Burda

Thank you for the answer!

Actually, I am trying to launch the course in the Articulate app (which by the way is awesome) but the launch page in safari automatically opens the course in the app and there's not enough time to read the course description etc. All I would like to do is to open the course (in the app) only after the launch button is clicked. Is it possible?



Troy Broas

Hello Marta, no problem!

I haven't had time to test it much this morning, but if you comment out the function in the JavaScript as shown below, it should prevent the course from launching until you click the launch button:

Note: The /*  and */ are used to comment out the Launch function.


function Launch()


setTimeout(LaunchMobilePlayer, 50);



As I said though, I haven't tested this much yet, but it does work. I'll do more testing this afternoon to make sure it's the best solution.