Changing Menu states between scenes

Aug 17, 2017

Dear Community,

I have racked by brain on this problem. Since it is the formula I am building multiple modules, on I would like to see if anyone can help me fix it. 

I have a menu which works PERFECTLY on scene one. When they go to scene two, the menu does not work.  The states have not reset to the original normal state and are still in the visited state from the previous scene additionally, then the visited state even gets wonky.

Here is what I have tried:

1. I am basing this on a master slide for all scenes.

2. I have tried changing the states by using true/false variables and when that didn't work I changed it over to number variables.

3. I tried a reset at the end of the scene on the result slide( such as change menu state to 0 when they click next patient)  .

4. I have tried a reset on the master slide of when the patient turns true  then reset all menu items.

I am out of ideas.

Thoughts anyone????

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Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Dear Tristan,

I just returned from vacation, which I needed after dealing with this module.  I did as you suggested and changed to resume to saved stated.  (I had put it at initial state since if they retried the patient I didn't want the box clicked off.)  However, that did not solve my problem. 

It still shows once you move to another patient- I am starting with Rosie and going to Wayne - that none of Wayne's menu checks off like Rosie's does. It shows the hover states properly, but never the visited states.

Any other thoughts. Did I screw up my master slide... or is there just something wrong with this patient.

I want to get this completely correct since I am building a year long series on this format with at least 7 modules.

Thanks for any input. I appreciate it. 



Tristan Hunt

Hi Tamarah,

I had another look. I deleted all of the triggers to change states as you don't need them.

What is the selected state used for? I think this may be the issue you are meaning above where selected is showing rather than visited. I think deleting this state will make it work exactly as you want it to function. 


Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Thanks for taking another look. Can you repost it? I am doing what I think you said. But not getting the results I need.  I want the learners to have to click next to advance to the next topic, not use the "menu" bar. The "menu bar" is only showing their advancement through the patient.

I must truly be missing something simple. But I am just not seeing it. I think I have been staring at this so long, my mind is crossed along with my eyes.

Thanks for all your help. 

With much appreciation,


Tristan Hunt

I edited in storyline 360 not storyline 2 so that won't help.

You won't get the visited state to change if they are using next button rather than clicking the menu bar. 

What you need to do is

  1. create a true/false variable for each section (i.e. section1complete) have it set to false to start with
  2. At the end of the section before they come back to the menu have a trigger to set the variable to true.
  3. Then on the menu slide have triggers to change the states to visited if the variables are equal to true.


 Something similar to this



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