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Jun 03, 2012

I have just bought my retail copy of Storyline and almost purchased  the introductory photo characters set. But again - like so many libraries, all men with neckties. Two of my major clients won't use stuff with these pics in because none of their people wear them anymore. Am I so unusual? (And do please correct me if it's an option when you use them?)

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Hugh Gardner

Stockart (the pictures that are used to make the character packs were originally sold as stock art) tends to lean more towards business attire.  That said, the company that made those character packs, does have some casual attire packs.  Until Articulate offers them (if they do) in a file that integrates into Storyline, you could very easily purchase the shots you need and use states to satisfy your needs.

Bryan Jones

@john - That's one of the problems with most stock photos. Tony Karrer just put out an interesting article this morning that will hit home with you:

@hugh - any .png images will work with StoryLine or Studio '09. It's just that they won't show up in the character tool. And as rich mentioned, our approach has actually been different: we've taken a few sets of images and pre-built states in. You can do the same thing with characters from any vendor. David Anderson and I both have a screenr on applying states to characters. I can dig those up if that's helpful. 

@rich - Thanks for the StoryLine mention. One thing that you should know with the pricing is that the SL characters are also part of the subscription plan

@natalia - I'm glad the images are working out for you! 




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