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Apr 04, 2018


Does anyone know of a good resource for character sets--both photographic and illustrated--for men and women of different ethnicities wearing standard uniform clothing? I am in need of characters wearing black or tan khakis and red or black polo shirts. This is pretty standard wear for many hourly uniformed employees in many different industries. I am surprised I can't find any.

I would love it if Articulate would create some!! I wonder if there any plans by Articulate to make characters downloadable to allow for editing in Photoshop? Or, perhaps in addition to multiple expressions, the color of the clothing the characters wear could be changed using the color picker. (Hey, if I'm going to dream, I might as well dream big!)

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Karlis Sprogis

We have created some illustrated office characters in the past, you can take a look if there is anything similar to what you are looking for. 

Here you can see 6 office characters in five different poses that you can get for free -

And if you want to change the colors and customize the characters, you can get the same characters with 15 different poses together with an Adobe Illustrator file, but these are included in our subscription and are not for free -

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