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Nov 06, 2017

Hi All,  I am trying to find some children/teenager characters to match the Illustrated Modern cutout people in the 360 library.  Specifically I am trying to complete a family - I am looking for an older teenage boy and preteen boy to match with Alex & Juliet from the library.  

Does anyone know where I can find this style of illustrated people, or how to get a similar look converting a photo in Photoshop (I have tried a few cartoon methods but nothing looks similar enough.  

Thanks Christine

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Nicole Legault

Hi Christine, 

We would love to know what types of courses you're building and what types of poses you would be looking for for these characters. We like to gather this type of information so we can put out new characters and features that are most useful to the community :) Any info you can provide would be heplful to us. Thanks in advance :) 

Christine Hounsham

Hi Nicole, it would be terrific to see some children / teens coming into the 360 library. 

The course I am building re my question above is a Change Management module for our State Fire and Emergency Services, for their staff and volunteers.  This module is a quiz based scene (drag and drop) which asks learners to look for both opportunities and obstacles in any change.  The scenario is an emergency services family moving from one part of the State to another, with the mum and dad details changing dependent on the service the learner is from.  

Attached is my before graphic - where the client has asked that the family members be replaced with more refined / adult styled characters.  Also attached is my proposed new family using characters from the 360 library.  

For the kids I have been able to customise two of the men characters.  I created the younger boy from Jonah's character, which I am hoping the client will like.  

Whilst the quality is reduced, is it ok for me to reshare the young Jonah character back to the Articulate community, in case others need a boy / family?  

Christine Hounsham

Nicole, I also use a lot of photo characters of children / teens for another client - working for our Children's Hospital.  I would like to give up my cptx licence, however, I do use the eLearning brothers subscription a lot for the children's photo sets.  

I mainly use these for either:

- scenario based learning (ie the eDiet egs attached), or

- as part of a constructed scene (ie the scene attached from an ICT software eL on our ticket queuing system).  

Thanks in advance for considering any additions to the library in this area.  Cheers Christine

Christine Hounsham

Last suggestion I promise.  What would be most helpful to start, would be if the Illustrated Modern characters in the 360 library had a few different skin tone settings (similar to being able to pick between expressions).  

In the 'new family' group, in my above eg made from the 360 characters, you will note that the older son 'Reuben' is a different ethnicity / tone from the others, however, he works best in terms of age / style.  It would be terrific if I could have selected an alternative skin tone for Reuben so I could match with the parents.  

This would really open up which characters you could combine when forming groups (to be either deliberately matched, or mixed for a representative cross section).  

Thanks again.  Christine

Nicole Legault


Thank you for taking the time to provide this detailed feedback and for sharing your examples and screenshots of how you use the kid characters. This is really valuable and helpful information for us as we decide how to expand the characters available in the library. 

I really like the suggestion of having the ability to adjust skin tones for the illustrated characters. Great idea! Would you possibly submit that feature here please

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us and for being a customer :) 

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