Check out my #5tastic video: How to create a simple Storyline menu in 5 minutes

Hi all! In case you haven't seen it yet, David Anderson has put together a pretty fantastic collection of 5 5-minute videos - his "5tastic" collection, if you will ;) (click here to see)

In response, here's my 1st contribution to the 5tastic tutorial movement - check out my tutorial on youtube: (if you listen, you can hear my 4-year old assistant)

Youtube video

Or my post on LinkedIn: (Are we not connected yet? Why not??)

LinkedIn #5tastic post

I hope you enjoy! Make sure  to hit me up with any questions, if you  need any help, or if you just need to grab some coffee sometime in Phoenix.

- Michael

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David Anderson

What a great idea, Michael! I miss all the amazing screencasts the community shared with Screenr.

Thanks for kickstarting the idea. I'll reach out to some users who like to create screencasts and see if they'd be up for keeping this going.

And I totally understand what it's like to have an assistant nearby during recording. I think you got some insight into my assistant at the last Phoenix user group meeting:-)