Check out this video playlist I built that sends survey feedback to an LMS

Jan 29, 2019

Hi all,

Here's a demo of my latest project. Only the first two buttons on the playlist work. I created this playlist in Storyline 360. The video is a web object. When the video hits 8 seconds or more (you can change this to whatever value you want on the trigger) a feedback layer appears. 

The feedback works with SCORM 2004 but you can also add in xAPI if you want. There are a few minor bugs but I am working them out.

Try it here:

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Phil Mayor

Looks great as always lovely micro interactions (as always). I wish I had the time to play! I think I am going to take a month off this year just to play and build stuff!.

One little thing (and you may have a reason for it) the scroll panel I would pul down 5- 10 pixels more just to give more affordance that there is a scroll.

Lovely thing though, always a greasing when I keep clicking round to see what happens. Thanks for sharing :-)

Melissa Milloway

I'll definitely adjust that. Thanks for the callout. I'm getting two weird bugs that I have to fix too. When the user selects thumbs up/thumbs down the feedback is supposed to slide in but sometimes it gets stuck. Then for some reason some of the buttons to other videos are randomly disappearing. So odd.

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