Checking your color palette for accessibility

Mar 09, 2021

Hi all, I just learned Adobe has a new tool where you can enter your colors and it will show you what different types of color blind people will see. This is very useful if you are building accessible courses.

As before, you can check that your color contrast meets WCAG requirements here: I use this tool all the time, but wasn't sure what color blind people would see with my colors. Now I know!

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Carol Davis

Thanks for sharing color.adobe! I watched an Articulate webinar yesterday this morning and learned about webaim!!! But, bummer, some aspects of my course failed. I am making those changes after talking it over with the client. But, they want to use their brand color 3DBFE4 (light blue) which I selected in the course settings. The CONTINUE block is that light blue with white text. Is there a way to change the white text? Rise isn't letting me do that. 


Sarah Hodge

Hey Carol! Yeah...I can see how white text on a light blue button would be an accessibility issue. There isn't a way to edit that right now, but that would make a great feature request. Another option is to use a darker color of the brand as the main color and incorporate the light blue color as a background color on some of the blocks.