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Mar 30, 2018

Hello there!

Recently, I got a requirement from my client to convert 34 pager checklist into a workable training material. Please note, this checklist has around 600+ questions and 5 options for each question for a user to respond. 

What I did:

I created a playbook on a word document and arranged these questions in sequence. This workbook is treated as training aid. For training, I re-created checklist on storyline and added a few comments as user information. I even had a powerpoint slide to make it more creative. 

What client said:

No, we are not looking for this. We need something workable.

My situation:

I am not sure how to represent checklist a workable training content. If anyone has an idea on how to do it, please share. 

Attached is sample table for your reference.


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Bob S

In addition to getting more detail (agree with Matthew), you might want to ask if they can be convinced into breaking down the 600+ steps/items into smaller sub-routines. It is much easier for folks to grasp (and you to train!) sub-steps rather than a daunting massive list.

Think about creating a sumptuous feast. If you were to simply list every step it would be daunting. But if you break it down into component sections (Table Setting, Prepare Appetizer, etc) it is easily grasped.

The other big advantage to this approach is how it allows you to present and train the content; even simple visuals become practical now. Another example.... Imagine your giant checklist is about assembling a bicycle from component parts. You can have a picture of a completed bike with tools on the floor. Your first section is having the right tools on hand. You highlight/hot spot/zoom on the tools in the visual and use that to introduce the first 15 checklist items around needed tools and work area. Return to the main picture and now the wheels are called out and go into the next checklist items regarding that sub-routine. Make sense?


Hope this helps,


Ray Cole

I think of a checklist as a job aid. I am going to use the checklist to help me remember what to do on the job, right? In that case, since the checklist already exists, it seems like the training should be training in how to use the checklist, not replicating the checklist itself.

Can you create some scenarios that present learners with realistic job challenges that can be solved with the aid of the checklist? This would give them some practice using the checklist and probably improve the odds that they'd use it for real outside the class to help them with their actual jobs.



Anuj Joshi

The client is looking to create a training event that goes through each section and shows where the references are.

Thanks for all your support. I will see how best I can create a training out of checklist.

Example: Say its a checklist of a process and not a product. Like 

1. Greet person present in meeting

2. What were they talking about

3. How the products are marketed

4. When is it going to release

5. When is it gonna go live etc... 


For all the above questions, you will have assessment options like


Partly met/accepted

Partly not met 


Followed by policy reference. 


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