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T. Travis

Hi Gina,

Since I don't know anything about you or your situation, I'll presume you're new to the process of "casting".  My apologies if I come across as condescending. In fact, most e-learning professionals are new to this area, and my goal is to help whenever I can.

First, whenever you'r looking for talent, it's best to provide as much information as possible. This helps the person you're asking, whether professional Hollywood Casting Director, or a friend who might know a few local actors, to narrow down the choices.  Right now, all we know is that you need help locating a child voice - we don't know if you need someone local to come in to your studio or if you're looking for a service that provides you with recorded files.  We also don't know if your "child" is 3-years old or 10.  You say "narration", but we don't know if that means a few words or if you need a "child" that can perform an effective, compelling half-hour dialogue.

Also, are you looking for a professional (Yes there are "professional" child actors and adults who have mastered the technique of sounding just like a young child.) or an amateur?  -And what kind of budget you might have.  And are you looking for someone with a European accent , Midwest American, or something else?

There are a lot more things to consider when working with children as talent, but if you could narrow things down a bit, that would help us to help you.


Gina Evans


You are exactly right--I'm new to lining up voice talent. Another colleague usually handles this. My partner has located talent for this project that we hope will work out. Thanks for the pointers on how to be more specific for any future needs--I'm sure I'll put them to good use soon!

Best regards,