Choosing an LMS for Storyline 2

Hello everyone,

Newb here (sorry I don't have a recent picture yet!).

I used captivate v2.0 (very old version) for developing standalone offerings a few moons ago, so not sure if that counts!

We are using Storyline 2 (love the tool!) and we need an LMS to manage courses and learners' competencies, curricula and exams/results/credit assignment. We need something easy to use and manage, and as out-of-the-box as possible. We will have a small number of active (concurrent) users (5 or less), and would like to host our LMS locally on our cloud. We will have a several dozen eLearning offerings for our customers, and later on, for our employees. We probably have the necessary hardware, technical savvy and support, but not sure whether or not we need an LMS partner. Most everyone is saying you need one.

I read with great interest. It has loads of information, but some of its aspects are a bit overwhelming. It looks like Moodle can be daunting, according to many of the comments I've read. Our main priority is ease-of-use, and we don't mind paying for a good LMS - that, or Moodle and someone like Moodlerooms to manage it. Some info in it seems contradictory (is Docebo freeware or not? I must be tired!). It looks like Absorb, Docebo and Totara are tools worth trying.

So, with our small number of active users and our requirements, what do you guys suggest we choose as an LMS, and perhaps a partner? Would it make sense for someone like me (training, mainframe programming/analysis background - not super technical) to be the LMS administrator, or should someone in our technical group play that role?

I can provide more info if required.

Much of the info on this board is useful but not so recent.

Thanks in advance for any insight.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Joe:

For I have developed a TIN CAN Management system and am looking for early adopters. The package lets you run courses from WordPress and stores and reports from my LRS (TIN CAN Server) My product is focused on hosting small audiences (up to 100 learners). If your interested, hop over to and read about my TIN CAN Manager packages.

You can also contact me from the site for any further questions.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall