Choosing an LMS... HELP please!

Hello everyone,

I am a newly appointed elearning developer for a very large company .  I am currently using Composica (Soft skills learning) and STT Trainer (Screen capturing software) to create my modules.

I have been given a brief description in terms of what we are looking for from a LMS system for hosting these courses. They are as follow:

- User friendly for developers and end users

- hosting capability, as there will a vast amount of courses that is potentially uploaded. 

- Cost structure that will benifit the company

- How flexible and detailed the reporting features (ability to filter results/users)

- There is the potential of 33,000 users who will using the elearning content. But  getting started we will be have 500/600 users accessing courses.

- Also there will be 20 users uploading material

So given this information I am in search of a LMS that will be cost effective and be able to cope with our needs.

We currently have a LMS called Careshields in place which my company used before they decided they were going to create and host their own elearnign. They quoted £525 a year per course we upload! Does anyone now if this is a good price?

Thank you any suggestions will be very helpful! I have already contacted Moodle and Netdimesions so any pros and cons... would be very helpul too!

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