Choosing between Rise and SL or the best way to use them together

Hi -- Been going back and forth with this and would love to get your input on the best approach. I'm working on a "course" that is really just a lead-in to a bunch of resources (mostly PDFs). We want to provide direction/descriptions/explanations around those resources. My clients love the look of Rise and it's easy to use so I started with that. However as things developed, I decided we need a quiz that results in a custom "scorecard" pointing learners directly to specific resources. I created that quiz/scorecard in SL, because it didn't seem like Rise could do it. I thought I'd import the SL block into my Rise course, but can't figure out how to have the SL block (the quiz/scorecard piece) link to the specific place in Rise where I put the resources.

Now I'm back to SL and making it look as much like the Rise course I started as possible, which is a lot of work, and doesn't look as good anyway.

Does anyone know of a better approach to this? Thanks for any help you can give!

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Anthony Goss

I build my courses in Rise and then enhance with interactions built in Storyline. Other than the Storyline Block, there is no direct integration with Rise in terms of functionality. In other words, you can’t build something in Storyline and have it control something in Rise other than the Continue block. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Patty,

This may not suit your requirements, but I thought I would suggest it anyway just in case it helps.

There is a way within Rise that you could create a series of questions that would ultimately direct the user to a particular set of resources. Each question would be created in a Button Stack block, where the user would select a button next to the answer of their choice. This would then direct them to the next question, which would have been selected based on their answer. Once they have answered the final question, they would then be directed to a set of resources appropriate to the answers they have given.

The attached pdf provides an outline of how this would look and this link will show you a Rise version of what is in the pdf.

It is a bit clunky from a development point of view as each question and set of resources needs to be in its own lesson as internal links in Rise can only be made to another lesson. With the Resources, if you are providing access to web sites, this can again be done using Button Stacks. In the Rise example I have done this for the first five sets of resources (there are no actual web links in the example so you are automatically returned to the start of the course when you select them). For the sixth set of resources I have shown them as pdf attachments as you specifically mentioned pdf documents above.

I have only put two levels of questions in the example, but you could have as many questions as you like; the principle would be just the same. I think the easiest thing for you to do would be to look at the pdf and Rise example and get back to me if you have any questions.

Zsolt Olah

Hi Patty,

1. How do you decide what resources to recommend?

In other words, what's in your score card? Does it depend on what answers are correct vs. incorrect?  

This is from 2016, very early days of Rise. With some JavaScript you can for example select checkboxes and the menu on the left has a SELECTED word next to it.

The same concept could be used for either adding RECOMMENDED or show actual links to selected pages. However, it doesn't remember the selections, so every time the user returns it would need to reselect them. 

In a Storyline, you could also show links to specific Rise pages, the trick is to create a link that controls the parent's window and not the default window. 

Normally, in links there's a target="_blank" at the end. It means the page loads into the current window. If you replace it with target="_parent" then it loads the page into the parent's window, which is Rise. But again, every time you do that, you would lose the scorecard value. 



Patty Maher

Hi Zsolt - It's cool what you did with the "selected" text appearing in the navigation! I'd like to avoid using javascript if possible because of my expertise in that (zero), and the fact that I need to get this done pretty fast. 

My scorecard is based on results from four sets of quiz questions, each of which has it's own results page. User never sees the results page -- but I use the variables generated by those results to produce a score card for each of the four areas. Depending on score, it could be "needs review," or "mastered."

Thanks for the info and example!