Circular Webstyle Menu

In a recent teaching session, I saw web style popup menu that I liked the look of and showed the participants how I would build it and make it available on every slide.

After the session I had a play around and made it look better.


here is a demo

Here is a the file need the icons font for it to display correctly, but could just swap them out for wingdings.

The menu is on a slide master and is called by incrementing a variable.

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David Mangoro
Phil Mayor

Wendy has it!

On the slide master on the very top slide there is a layer which has everything on. I created and updated version last week here is a download and link

Hi Phil, 


Thanks for this post, I have found it of great value in some projects I've been working on. 

Please may you tell me where you found the picture of the hiker in your download. 

I would like to use this photo but don't know where to purchase it from because I can not see any purchase information in the photo. 


Many thanks 



Shane Jacques


Thanks for sharing the file. This is a perfect way to present the menu in the course I'm currently building. Would you be willing to help me (a Storyline rookie) think through a minor adaptation?

In my use case, clicking on a menu icon will direct learners to a new slide with other interactive content. Once the final interaction happens on the new slide, the learners go back to the menu slide (essentially, the file you created). This time, I'd like to show the menu already in the "activated" state when the menu slide is revisited. Is this possible? I'm trying to save learners from the unnecessary click of opening the menu again.

Again, I appreciate the file along with any ideas you have on the idea above.