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What are some appropriate ways to add citations to a Storyline presentation? (Specifically involving graphics, GIFs, and the like).

Can I add some sort of custom tab to include any citations for a specific page and include a final slide with the citations for everything in the presentation? I want to be able to keep my presentation as clean as possible without any extra clutter.


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Trevor LaForce

You could add a superscript footnote number or icon to the item you're referencing. If it's text, hyperlink it and set the associated trigger to show a layer containing the reference information. If it's an icon, make a layer to show a layer containing reference information when the user clicks. You could create a single layer with all the "footnotes" on the whole slide or have a separate layer for each "footnote." 

Hope that helps!

Judy Nollet

"It depends." Yeah, that's a bit of a cop out. But there's more than one way to provide a citation.

If you're using a graphic, GIF, or similar file that is permissable to use with citation (e.g., an image with a Creative Commons license that requires attribution), you could do any of these:

  • Include the citation as a small footnote on the slide where the item is used.
  • Include a button/link that reveals the citation, which could be on a layer, in an object state (e.g., hover), or in a lightbox slide.
  • Include a "credits" slide at the end of the course.

If you're quoting material or using a statistic, include the citation on the slide. Again, depending on content and context, that might be a prominent part of the slide or just a small footnote at the bottom.

In other words, the answer to the question in your second paragraph is "Yes."  :-)

Trina Rimmer

Thanks for jumping in to help, Judy. Those are great suggestions!

Jason, just tacking on to Judy's suggestions, a lot of folks use the interactive marker feature in Storyline for citations. The marker is nice because it keeps the citation text tucked away so the screen doesn't look cluttered, but the information is still available. 

Here's a quick video showing how the interactive marker works for citations.