Client satisfaction e-learining ideas


I'm in need of some inspiration!

I have to develop an e-learning course on client satisfaction measurement. I've been given storyboards with loads of info (lots of charts, etc.) but want to incorporate a theme and make it more interesting and interactive rather than just presenting facts.

Not a lot of time to design and build and I'm happy to use Presenter or Storyline.

Any suggestions?

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Bruce Graham

Why don't you develop some sort of "Happiness Scale", from "Downright Grumpy" to "Ecstatically recommending our service to everyone they meet", and base the course around the behaviours that tend to attract the various levels of satisfaction?

This could be a very visual/image-based course, with the "text" just supporting the feelings that they have, (few people actually talk about how customers FEEL in this sort of course).

Any good?