Closed Captioning in Storyline 3


We created the CC feature as per  the link;

It worked perfectly, the way we want, but now we are facing some problems.

We have a story file with 9-10 scenes. Each scene has around 10-12 slides with video clips. When we run the scene first time the CC works fine, but when we jump to the scene again, the CC layer goes off and we need to press CC button in each slide to see it..... 

What do you think could be the problem? Pls help.

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Matthew Bibby

Double check your triggers. You'll have one that shows the closed captions when the ToggleCC variable changes (if true) and hides it when false.

And I suspect you'll also need a second trigger that shows the closed captions when the timeline starts if ToggleCC is equal to true.

Does that make sense?

Matthew Bibby

Glad you figured it out Hassy.

Out of curiosity... is there a reason why you are using this approach to add captions? Storyline 3 supports closed captions via the closed caption editor or import of a .vtt file. Might be worth exploring if you haven't already. See here for details.

Sajna Thomas

Yes I have seen that Matthew but I don't know why I didn't implement it. Ours is a complex project with many scenes and not all slides in a scene will have audio. 

I guess I just tried the elearning brothers link and it worked perfectly for us.

I should try the SL3 closed captioning as a trial and check why i canceled this idea..