Color of Text in Notes different on Two slides only...

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project and have discovered that on two slides, the notes text shows as black instead of white. I am using the default dark blue theme on the player. I don't understand why two of the slides are appearing this way and the rest are correct. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix?

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Nicole Legault

Hey Rhona!

Thanks for posting here in the forums, and sorry to hear you've run into this issue! 

The Notes text formatting is controlled by the Notes panel in Storyline. If you leave the text black in the Notes pane when working in Storyline, that's what you'll see in the published output, regardless of the theme.  You should be able to open up Storyline and manually change the color the Notes text on the two slides in question. You might also want to have a peek at Page 4 of the Player Colors Job Aid

Hope this helps! Good luck =)

Hadiya Nuriddin

I'm having this issue, but for all my slides. I apply the dark blue theme and expect white text. Instead, it's black. Are you saying that I need to manually change all the notes text in SL to white? I looked Editor>Text and it's white.

Obviously, if I change to white, I can't see it while I editing it without having to term it all black again. I've been using SL from the beginning and never had to this before today.

Please embarrass me and tell me the error I'm making.