Combining Multiple SCORM Files

I've just acquired a bundle of e-learning files in scorm format, most of which have been produced in engage, presenter and quiz maker, although the more recent ones are storyline. Anyway, due to license restrictions, I don't have access to the source files so I cant import and re-publish.

What I am trying to do is combine multiple published SCO files from the above programmes into a single SCORM course of 8-10 SCO files. Does anybody know how to do this manually or using a 3rd party piece of software. I see Adobe captivate have a packager but I think this only works for their published files.

If there are any freelancers that would be willing to do this, please also feel free to get in touch as we'd be happy to pay for this service to get the job done. We have 4 packages that need combining.

Thanks in advance

Lee Cain

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