Comicon Objectives

I am hoping for a title that will give me my steps on how to keep your cool during Comicon. For example, Keep Your Cool, would turn into C-O-O-L, Where C would stand for something, O would be the next step, etc. I am not married to Keep Your Cool. If you can think of steps for keeping calm during a stressful situation using a different catchphrase I am all for it. (Just remember, it can’t be someone else’s work because I can’t pay for it.) But this in turn would turn into the objectives for the class. 

Common Stressors:

  1. Inflated sense of importance because of who is asking.
  2. Many eyes watching.
  3. Not sure who to ask.
  4. Dealing with irritable people.

More detailed Target Audience Profile here.

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Monica-

I like the Keep Your Cool at Comicon idea. This is just a detail idea but what if it starts out Comicon! 

and then the C-o-o-! (exclamation point) drop down into C.o.o.l 

Then fade in the How to Keep Your - Cool - at the Country's Most Awesome (and sometimes crazy) Event

Some thoughts around the objectives-

Maybe an intro that includes an "it's not just you" concept. 

Expect the Expected - Recognize Common Stressors (listed in your post above)

Deal with the Expected - What to Do About It ( it will be important to not only tell them what may happen but also provide guidance and examples of what to do when it does happen)

Who to Ask for What - a list of resources, not only in the course but to have on hand

I second the recommendation for Cathy Moore. She has some fantastic posts on developing realistic scenarios.

Create examples based on the common stressors identified. Provide completely reasonable options to choose from and then when they get feedback, instead of listing what was right &/or wrong about the choice, continue the story in the form of the realistic consequence. Let them determine what was right or wrong about the choice based on the story

This could still utilize the game method discussed in the other thread with poor choice, good choice, better choice, best choice giving the learner a rating for each answer that adds up throughout. I like that this would support scenario options that live in the grey like real life instead of everything being clear cut black and white. Here is a showcase course that does a good job of that.

Looking forward to seeing other contributions....

Monica Quijada


Great idea! I totally subscribe to Cathy's idea of letting what happens kind of show the learner the consequence vs. spelling it out for them. Remind me of that when we get to that part! We all know it's so much easier to just tell the person vs. letting them discover it on their own.