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Aug 19, 2011


I work for a company that deals with Server-end software. A lot of our training currently is instructor-led, as we haven't yet found an acceptable solution for teaching Server-end interactions (generally at the command line) effectively in an e-learning environment.

So far, I've really struggled to be able to create even a basic quiz in which they are given a set of parameters and then have to enter the correct command. (I can do it in Captivate, but not Articulate, where I'd prefer).

I'd love to hear from others who are building courses teaching Linux, MS-DOS, Server administration, and other command line or text based technologies as to what they've done to try to effectively port ILT to e-learning.


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Joshua Norgaard


I do not work with the command line of Linux, but we do have Linux based equipment that utilizes a custom GUI. I am planning on using a similar quiz format like this one

Tom Kuhlman did a tuturial on how he set this up. I can't find it right now, but it gives a good example on how you can use Quiz Maker's blank slide in conjunction with different quiz types to test learners.

James Brown

You could do this a couple different ways. One way would be a likert type quiz where you give a series of commands and the person would choose which one to use. In flash you have the option to drag and drop objects and then if the value dropped is incorrect you simply pop up a "oh so sorry.." message. My overall take is If you can do it in flash I would not be surprised you could not do it in Articulate. I just haven't had the time to experiment since I am currently in the design phase of a huge e-learning project. Good luck

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