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David Anderson

Hi Juliette,

Congratulations on making it through your first module!

You're more than welcome to share your project in these forums. Just post your project to a web site or something like DropBox and share the link here in the forums. Are you familiar with posting to the web or other file sharing service?


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Juliette - Dropbox is a nice option because it's a free service that allows you to share and back up your files, and post your projects with a public URL. Here's how to use it:

  1. Go to the Dropbox website and install Dropbox.
  2. Dropbox will create a folder called My Dropbox on your hard drive, and within that will be a folder called Public.
  3. Publish an Articulate project and place your published output in the Public folder.
  4. In your Windows file explorer, right-click the player.html file and choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link.
  5. That copies a unique URL to your clipboard. Now you can paste the URL here in the forums, or in an email to your reviewers. When people click the URL, it'lll launch your course, just as if it were being hosted on a web server.