Common Modules

Oct 07, 2011

Hey all,

I've run into a minor snag and was wondering if anyone had any advice.  I have built about 10-15 individual modules that each use a common Engage module as a player tab (it's a Glossary of Terms).  I was wondering if there is any way of tweaking the coding to allow them to 'point' each of the modules to a central version of the Engage module, rather than calling 10-15 copies.  I am using company servers (non-LMS), so, each time I change the glossary (often), I've been republishing the Engage and using scripts to copy it to the 10-15 folder locations.  However, as I continue to build additional modules (that will all continue to use this Engage), I'm worried that I'll end up missing one or two.

Any ideas?

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