Communicating training resources during phased software update

We have a significant software enhancement and I'd love to hear experiences from those who have experience integrating curriculums for a phased roll-out.
     *Audience of @ 30,000
    *200 assets – job aids & eLearnings
     *Year-long phased roll-out
     *Some of the software is different, some is identical
We’ll have three training worlds:
     *Training relevant to the "old" version (i.e. iphone)
     *Training relevant to the "new" version (i.e. iphone – rollout is branded, call it “donut”)
     *Training relevant to both (i.e. iphone and iphone 7).
About half way through the rollout we'll integrate "donut" training into "iphone" training, and the brand “donut” will no longer be used. I’m leaning toward identifying each asset at the top with the software it’s relevant for (i.e. iphone/ iphone 7) and disregarding the “donut” branding altogether. I can’t get alignment to call iphone “old iphone” or “iphone 1” and am concerned about confused learners…would love to hear like stories/ experiences.

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