Community Challenge #1 -I nspiration

May 15, 2013

Since this challenge is meant to inspire, I thought it would be a great idea for our first topic. I want you to find a piece of artwork, artist, album cover, game art, or anything that inspires you artistically and create a navigation menu around it. Example: If the work of MC Escher ( inspires you, try to create a navigation menu that would match his works.

Just a few rules:

The menu must work, meaning if you click on a menu item it must present/take you to new content.  

You must a have 5 total slides. 1 Menu, 4 content slides.   The content slides don’t need to flow. They are just there so when you click on a menu button, you are presented with new info.

The main focus is on the navigation slide. The content slides are just extra fluff.  The content slides can contain some info about the artist, the artwork, why it inspires you, or anything else that is relevant. They don’t have to be spruced up, but if you have time, go for it.

Have Fun!


This challenge ends on the 15th of June. I will be putting up another post on the 5th of June where you can post your entries. Use this post to place pictures, sketches, questions, comments,  and ideas of your WIPs (work in progress).

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Eric Nalian

This is going to be interesting...My top three choices

  • Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory (The Melting Clocks)
  • M.C. Escher - Relativity
  • Diego Rivera - The Detroit Industry fresco cycle (South Wall)

I think I might show some home town pride and go for Diego Rivera's mural (Mural is here...artist is not from here)- If anyone here has ever been to the DIA and has had the opportunity to see this mural it is quite intense

Click HERE to see/read about the mural


Jerson  Campos

@ Eric

Yea I did see those, I actually did a couple of peices based on his style. I'll include them in my entry as well. Actually the picture on my profile is just a small section of one of the ones I did inspired by Mucha


That is one of the great things about this topic as well that I didn't originally think about. That some people will be introduced to new and inspiring artwork.

Nicole Legault

Eimear - I had never heard of Miro so I Googled it and LOVE (as is usually the case with me and anything colorful)!

When I do a Google images search of "Miro" and then a Google image search of "Bauhaus art" I see some similarities in the styles!! A lot of bright primary colors, intertwined, abstract. Although the Bauhaus style has the straight angular lines and the Miro style is curvy. Pretty cool

Eimear O Neill

Yeah it's funny cause I promised a friend I would teach her Tennis this Summer and then this competition came about - and hey presto it just seemed to make sense to match the primary colors of Miro (particularly the bold green and yellow) to my Tennis theme. Living in Barcelona, I can see that Dali & Miro are definitely revered as the two most iconic surrealists to ever exist and both were proud Catalans!

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