Community Challenge #1 -I nspiration

Since this challenge is meant to inspire, I thought it would be a great idea for our first topic. I want you to find a piece of artwork, artist, album cover, game art, or anything that inspires you artistically and create a navigation menu around it. Example: If the work of MC Escher ( inspires you, try to create a navigation menu that would match his works.

Just a few rules:

The menu must work, meaning if you click on a menu item it must present/take you to new content.  

You must a have 5 total slides. 1 Menu, 4 content slides.   The content slides don’t need to flow. They are just there so when you click on a menu button, you are presented with new info.

The main focus is on the navigation slide. The content slides are just extra fluff.  The content slides can contain some info about the artist, the artwork, why it inspires you, or anything else that is relevant. They don’t have to be spruced up, but if you have time, go for it.

Have Fun!


This challenge ends on the 15th of June. I will be putting up another post on the 5th of June where you can post your entries. Use this post to place pictures, sketches, questions, comments,  and ideas of your WIPs (work in progress).

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Eimear O Neill

I agree Bruce - I think just seeing folks motivated to create SL's in their spare time is better than any popular voting. We are all winners in doing what we love on a day to day basis... and sharing that passion with real examples only tops it all off with a dollop of cream! Let's make this a safe place to learn and share! 

Bruce Graham

Adena Wilson said:

You are all amazing and inspiring. I myself am artistically challenged but after seeing the creativity here I am determined to follow suit. 

Cheers and good luck to all who enter the contest.

Adena - artistically challenged does NOT mean creatively challenged.

That's what this is about.


Just do it....


Holly MacDonald

I was inspired, and tried to look for some Canadian influences, but just too busy to contribute this time.

My ideas were:

I LOVE the idea, just wish I could dedicate some creative time to it! Great inspiration from all your designs.


Sales Framework

Rachel Barnum said:

Alright well I'm too impatient to wait to submit mine, but here is the (close to) final product. I was messing around with Dropbox as I had not used it to upload anything yet, so I apologize for the jitteriness of the story as Dropbox doesn't seem to be the *best* host. I'll find something to use sometime!

The Tree of Life

(Note: Does contain mildly NSFW art, but I toned it down a little. Plus, it's art.)

Love your animations and backgrounds!

Diana Myers

I was really excited about this challenge, and I feel like I'm a little late to the party... but at least I'm here  

I just completed a mini-course (think "interactive job aid") to promote a new intranet resource site for our trainers, and I created all the graphics and menu based on an illustration I found online.  My image isn't a famous piece of art like so many of  the amazing submissions from others, but thanks to all the wonderful tutorials on the Community, I used PowerPoint to create every piece of the menu, and then used in Storyline to pull it all together. 

My inspiration graphic and the resulting Training Treats & Candy Store course menu.  (Both items are in Dropbox, so I hope they open smoothly for you.)

Thanks so much for inspiring us to "get creative" in new ways - I love this Community!

Anne Pead

@Diana that is some excellent eye-candy! Well done, really great!

@Gina - that's great! I love the visuals on each page (and I loved learning all that stuff about Jefferson!)

@Fiona - such a pity you couldn't finish yours, I loved the picture you were using and how you got the characters to jump out at us, very artfully done!

@Rachel - Tree of Life is ....sublime. Just lovely!

So much great inspiration from this challenge...thanks Jerson! :)

Minh-Triet Nguyen

At work, we're an Articulate Studio '09 shop so it's all flash flash flash there.  So I took this challenge as an opportunity to learn some new skills, like jquery.  It's a little content around "Abbey Road."

Nancy Woinoski

Minh-Triet Nguyen said:

At work, we're an Articulate Studio '09 shop so it's all flash flash flash there.  So I took this challenge as an opportunity to learn some new skills, like jquery.  It's a little content around "Abbey Road."

Hi Minh-Triet - I just wanted to say that I really like what you have done here and I'm curious to see how you used jquery.

Minh-Triet Nguyen

@Nancy: Thanks for the feedback.   Overall, I'm excited to try new things in Jquery.  Right now the workflow effort is longer than my workflow at work because I'm a JQuery newbie and it's not a graphical authoring environment.  Getting on the learning path to Jquery was fun, albeit the learning curve is longer if you're used to an authoring environment that is user friendly.  My authoring environment consisted of a text editor with 3 tabs (html, js, css), a file browser, and Google Chrome open to the Jquery API and the Jquery-UI API reference sites, and to do live previews.  So on the up-side, previewing content is much faster.  On the down-side, debugging code can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

I like that Jquery (UI) has functions like drag-and-drop and dialog boxes built in.  I didn't get into it you can create themed skins using templates on their site.  Also didn't get into the area of mobile development (e.g. make drag-and-drop work on touch devices) but apparently there are libraries and plugins to accomplish that as well. 

So Jquery made it more convenient to reference and modify elements on the html page.  When you mouse over the silohuettes and the yellow glow appears, that jquery's hover event to make a PNG file with the glow appear or disappear.  I'm sure if I looked harder, there's probably a more elegant want to handle that via CSS.  I was surprised at the ease with which jquery handled the drag-and-drop functionality of the course, and is where I coded the behavior when the right name was dropped on the silohuette.