Compatibility & Requirements (features, etc.)

Is there one place I can go to find the chart of support/not supported features and such for various browsers?  I seem to keep coming back to the general specs for viewing content (  I can't find the "chart" that shows Flash vs HTML5.

We have concerns and issues viewing content in IE10 and I can't seem to put my finger on just what will or won't work, even when using the latest Adobe Flash player or compatibility view.


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Andrew Weaver


There is a known issue with LMS tracking and reporting between courses published in Articulate Studio '09 and IE10.  Articulate has released the following support topic.

Their solution is to update our Studio '09 to the latest release.  Republishing using the latest release will fix the reporting issue.

The second solution for content already posted to your LMS is to use their Update tool, which searches your LMS and automatically updates and fixes existing content without having to republish every course.

We had to do this when there was a big change to the Adobe Flash Player.

And thanks for posting your question.  We are now just getting support tickets for reporting issues, so there wasn't enough data yet to point the finger at IE10 until I just researched this topic. 

Andrew Weaver


According to Gabe Anderson in the blog post below, Storyline does not need to be updated for the issue with IE10 and reporting to an LMS or Articulate Online.

We currently only have a small number of courses published with Storyline, so it's difficult to narrow down the issues.  I've also been looking for that golden comparison chart, but it might just be too hard to maintain.  Maybe it's out there, and hopefully somebody will respond with that answer.

I have a chart that shows what features of Storyline will work (or not work) with Flash, HTML5, mobile Safari, and the Articulate Mobile Player.

Why don't you try this link and tell me if it's what you are looking for?