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Hello, I am brand new to storyline.  We are working on a regional competition, we will have brackets, meaning finalists and then a grand finale.  The competition is based on financial results and participants are supposed to submit their results.

I am trying to find a template for a leaderboard that can be shared to spark completion amongst teams, something simple that I can manage based on my skill level.

Any thoughts?

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Steven Chippendale

Having searched this group for a quick solution, I've come up with my own, so I'll share it.

Here is an activity I created several years ago, that I recently updated with a leaderboard.
You would need to tweak the 'less thans' and 'greater thans' as it lists in order of lowest score (it's a leaderboard of the quickest).

The method I used is cascading layers that were identical in appearance. 

  1. If the score was lower than #10 on the leaderboard, a layer would simply replace #10.
  2. If the score was lower than #9 and greater than or equal #8, a layer would first move the existing #9 into #10, then trigger another layer to populate #9 with the new score.
  3. If the score was lower than #8 and greater than or equal #7, a layer would first move the existing #9 to #10, then trigger another layer to move the existing #8 to #9, then trigger another layer populate #8 with the new score.

...and so on. 

There may well be a more efficient way of doing it, but this works and isn't insanely complex or require javascript.

Steven Chippendale

The default values for the variables for places 1-10 are all '999' (999 seconds). So the first user to attempt the activity provided it is in less than 999 seconds, will automatically be top of the leaderboard. To adapt this into a traditional 'highest score' leaderboard, the defaults would be 0.

As storyline doesn't have a native database, the variables are replaced by new attempts during the session, provided they are less than 999. The leaderboard isn't full until there have been ten attempts that have taken less than 999 seconds.

As the scores on the leaderboard are populated during the session, If the activity is closed, the scores are lost.