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Firstly, let me say that this is a great site, hence I've joined and am already posting.

I am in the very early stages of working with Cornerstone LMS. I already have some power point presentations which have narration and timings built in. I have the original ppt files and also a version converted to MP4. The mp4 file is around 300MB and the quality is very good. However this has been loaded into the LMS and the video quality is now poor, some text is so blurred it cannot be read. My question is a basic one, is my approach right? Is the use of high def MP4 right, should I be importing the ppt file rather than mp4? Would I be better of using VOB file?

 I guess I am really looking for initial direction in terms of the approach to take. Any guidance would be hugely appreciated, many thanks in advance. The training course is intended to be shown either via projector or PC.

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Jeremy Russell

I have found that importing something from PPT can be very difficult and cause the problems you are mentioning. I took a class  a while back and the instructor said don't even bother with importing just start from scratch in Storyline. The reason being is by the time you try to fix everything you end up spending more time then if you would have started at scratch.

simon walker

Thanks for the response however I also have them in MP4 and vob format. They are really good and the thought of starting again is not what I Want from something that is sold on the basis of being able to import. Do you have experience of importing video files? Is the vob format compatible? Thanks again.

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Deepak G

Hi Simon,

I think since the video files are heavy, it is taking time to load, hence the blurry text.

Try slicing the videos into smaller ones. May be 10 MB. See if that works for you.

Or see if Cornerstone allows you to stream videos from youtube or vimeo instead of uploading. It will take less time to load.

Hope this helps!