Complete course when visit certain slides

Hello there,

I have some required and some additional slides in my course.
I need to mark my course completed when users see all the required slides.
I don't see any obvious easy way to set up this rule.

So, I find the only solution which is described below and demonstrated on screenshots in the attachments.
1. Create True/False variable for each required slide - to check each of them is it seen or not
2. Create Slidecounter variable - just to have an action for the When field in Course Completion trigger
3. On each required slide mark its variable as True
4. On each required slide add 1 to the Slidecounter variable to make it changes
5. On the master slide add a course completion trigger which will check if all the Slide variables are True when Slidecounter Changes.

It works, but I have about 80 slides and about 20 courses a similar size. 
I feel like it will take too long and a probability to make a mistake is high.

Does anyone know a way to make this easier?
Any ideas are highly appreciated!


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tatiana,

I realise that you posted this a while ago, but noticed that you still haven't received any responses. You may have already found a solution, but just in case you haven't, here is something that may be of help.

In the attached example, I have created a single True/False variable called CourseComplete that is changed from False to True when the Next button is clicked on the last slide in the course. I have also split the course into two scenes. Scene 1 contains all the mandatory slides and Scene 2 contains the additional information that can be accessed as Lightbox slides by clicking on the appropriate button on slides 2, 3 and 4. The user has the option whether to look at any of the additional information or not, but either way, once they have viewed all of the mandatory slides the course is considered to be complete.

You will see that I have shown the status of the variable on each slide. It will still show as False when Slide 5 appears, but will change to True when you click on the Next button.

Effectively, this could reduce your workload to one variable and one trigger per course.

Hope this helps.

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Ned,

Thanks for your response and time!

Yes, that's a great example for courses which have closed navigation. Unfortunately, mine does not. So users can start from the last slide, and I need something more specific.

Actually, I already did the settings. However, I realized that time on the master slide restarts on each slide, so I do not need the Slidecounter variable. Which reduces the steps a lot. It still not too easy, be at least twice simpler. I did it before the new release with system variables. So, if someone needs to use the solution feel free to use the system variables if they are applicable.

So, the reduced steps are:

1. Create True/False variable for each required slide - to check each of them is it seen or not
3. On each required slide, mark its variable as True
5. On the master slide, add a course completion trigger which will check if all the Slide variables are True when the timeline starts. Duplicate this trigger on the last slide.

Hope it could be useful and feel free to share any more elegant solution for this task! 

Adam Zamczyk

Hi Tatiana, 

I was thinking how to make it easier for you to achieve the same functionality.

Let me summarise if I understand this correctly: 

- you have 80 slides,
- users need to visit 60 required slides to complete the course

I would try this:

  1. create 1 variable e.g Counter (numbers),
  2. on the first slide add an object (rectangle) 
  3. add a trigger to this object: change variable Counter +1 value when timeline of this object starts
  4. add another trigger change state of the object to hidden when timeline of that obbject reaches 1 second
  5. copy this object and paste it on every slide

Make sure all slides are set to Resume to saved state, so when revisiting the slide the object will stay hidden.

Then on the master master slide add a trigger: Complete the course when variable counter changes if variable >= 60.


I think this should work, 1 variable, 1 object with triggers (copied to all slides), 1 trigger on the master slide.