Completely your own!

Feb 11, 2011

Firstly thank you to Tom for the inspiration!

Unfortunately, I don't have a tablet PC at work.....but I wanted to make use of some hand-drawn images....

So, I took out my iPad, scribbled some stuff on the notebook and emailed it to myself....

Granted I don't have the best handwriting or drawing skills but at least it's unique!

Now I can have any image (well, almost any) I like....

Thank you Apple!

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James Brown

It's funny how people will get the impression that courses have to be high tech with fancy graphics when I'm starting to see a trend in the opposite direction and Penny, your text art example is exactly what i'm talking about. Sometimes a simplistic approach is the best approach.

Another thing you could do, as I believe Tom as mentioned, is to create your drawings and then simply scan them onto your pc. You don't need a $1200 writing pad to do that.

Yet another option, If you had a computer program that has a pen or pencil tool, (i.e. adobe photoshop, fireworks, paintshop pro) you can also use them to draw your images and save them off.

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