Completion Requirements

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I have a client that wants their learners to view at least 90% of the screens in the course before allowing them to show a completion. My question is, when I set the "minimum number of slides to complete" to a say 9/10 slides (90%) is that sufficient? I'm concerned that doing this will require that slides numbered 1-9 be viewed as opposed to 9 slides out OF 10.

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Ashley Terwilliger


It won't be based on how slides are numbered, but the number of slides out of 10. So if you select 9 out of 10 as all that is required to be completed, that would be a 100% completion rate (even though they only saw 90%) of the content. The completion rate that is shown, will be dependent on your LMS and how they'll track and report this method - and it may just show the words complete vs. a completion rate, if that makes sense.