Complex email trigger via "Recommend" button

I'm putting a "recommend" button on the last slide of my course.  If a learner clicks on it, I'd like it to open a window in their email platform:

the address line blank

the subject line auto-filled with the message, "I recommend this course"

the body of the message auto filled with descriptive text and a link to the course

a tooltip that says "type your colleague's email address in the To line," or something like that.

The PowerPoint option for the "Mailto:" hyperlink doesn't meet all these specs.

What do you think? Is it possible? 


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David Barnes

Leslie I don't think you can do the tool tip but the rest should work. Try shoving this in:

mailto:TYPE YOUR COLLEAGUE'S EMAIL ADDRESS HERE?subject=This course is bleedin' tops&body=Check out this course, I loved it.

More details here: