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Oct 28, 2014

I'm seeking information on a design idea in a retail environment in a sort of "Day in the Life" concept where learners are faced with daily challenges and must walk through the day making decisions and solving problems. 

This concept is not just a traditional branching scenario with three options (good, better, best), although some of the branching will occur that way. The learners will experience real consequences to real decisions, resulting in "what happens next." We aren't necessarily going to "score" the outcome. Instead, we hope to use it as an assessment to determine if the learner needs remediation before moving forward.

For example, if Bob, the General Manager, goes through a series of conflict branching conversation scenarios with Joe, his vendor, and ends the conversation like "this", he moves onto the next retail leader challenge. The next challenge might be a new team member, Jill, who needs developmental assistance. Each scenario is competency-based and designed to be a behavioral assessment, not necessarily scored. 

It's going to be a huge undertaking. We already have scenarios in mind. I'm just thinking through system limitations (Storyline, LMS (SCORM) scoring, etc.) I've never created anything this complex (systematically). Have you ever created anything like this?

What a cool time to be in instructional design! :) Ideas welcome!

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Travis Wickesberg

This is where the variables came into play. We assigned points for the "best" response. I built it so that even if they took the wrong path and retried, they still didn't get points. We did this because we wanted true results. At the end of the module, learners were required to print a certificate. At the bottom of the certificate, we listed points scored for each scenario. This ultimately led to a discussion between learner and manager on what the learner could have done better. It was a really effective module.

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Karen Kahlig

Travis, that is such a great approach! Jerson, that's the reason for this post, although I'm not sure I made that clear. I know what we're going to do branch-wise, but I'm concerned about how we are going to "score" it and develop the assessment from it. I like Travis' idea, so that the manager can follow-up with praise for the good decisions and reinforcement for the developmental opportunities. We were also considering creating a "here's the best way" video at the end when they are finished, so that they can think through the scenario and how/why it could have been better.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond.

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