Compliance Programme

Hi - I'm looking for some feedback and or suggestions on a  programme of compliance courses for next year and thought I'd reach out here.

The programme of courses will be created in line with our regulatory requirements and and business objectives but I'm looking for ideas to increase engagement with the programme.

I was thinking of introducing levels/tiers in the programme which are then built on e.g. mandatory, then job specific then advance knowledge. This could be tied to rewards for progression and perhaps some gamification elements.

Does anyone have any experience of something similar or any alternative ideas to increase engagement with the programme?

Thanks in advance!


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Rachel Barnum

You're currently looking at extrinsic motivators (gamification, tiers, etc.) that could be done in a gamified learning management system. Those are well and good if implemented decently (and there's a fair amount of literature out there on it) - however you probably want to focus on some intrinsic motivation as well.

From my limited experience, if something is a "compliance" course, most people see it immediately as a check box to tick rather than a course that contains actual useful information. If you focus on making an instructionally sound course by including engaging and realistic scenarios, customized feedback to questions, etc, then people will simply be more interested in the course itself.

Broken Coworker is a really good example of a typical compliance course (Sexual Harrassment) but that is engaging and fun. You don't have to do full video (audio/text and images would also be effective), but the general idea is there.