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Joanne Chen

Hi Gemmma, normally scenario&task based elearning will be interesting, engaging and interactive for learners to learn compliance. The company polices you like to show to learners could provided in the training as reference information at the related challenge of a task. They can check the related police before making a choice if they want. Don't worry about if they view the polices or not, after all it all about if they can act properly when dealing a situation.

Kate Salvan

I would like to share a blog post that you can find useful. It was written by VP of Learning & Engagement for BI WORLDWIDE.  It is about "Learning Snacks". The term is borrowed  from Microsoft.

” I’m learning hungry for information – so I go get a learning snack."

The key is in using a cross-functional design team to create very small bits of learning that are available on-demand from any device at any time.

here is a link https://www.joomlalms.com/blog/guest-posts/learning-snacks-4-keys-to-engage-today-learner.html