Compression greyed out nonsense


I don't understand what may be happenning:  one, I insert a video in a storyline with one of my templates and the compression can't be changed. Then, I create a new storyline in a blank page and can insert the same video file and change the conpression to 'None'. How is possible?    The same happens with almost every video I want to insert in that template.  Tried to insert the file again (no 'change video' option), copy the slide from the blank template to the other template... but nothing.

thank you for your help,


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Carles FB

Answering myself&expecting to help others:

after hours investigating what was happenning, I just could solve the problem by producing the videos in Camtasia again (exactly as they were before) and inserting them in a new template. Although I used 100% same production settings, for some reason SL interpreted these differently when you insert the video for the first time, and then I was able to change the compression type.

It has been a bit tricky and I think this topic needs improvements for the next versions of SL.