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Sanchit Bhasin

Hi Trina,

I was given an example wherein I was given situation:

There were two entities, and one had techno savvy staff and another had demotivated staff. 

Anti-bribery course has to be taught to them, however, which approach can be followed so that the course is taught to both entities, and course delivered in timely manner. 


Jeff Orman


I don't think you'll have Instr. Designers solving what is yours to solve. If one course has to suit different audiences I have written total content that meets the entire realm of needs for all possible audiences, then using variables determine which slides/interactions show and which do not for a certain group. For this approach you need to understand every possible audience using need analysis, then deliver only what they need.  Eg. show page 1, 3,4, 7 if the tech saavy group...

Trina Rimmer

I have to agree with Jeff. First, you need to do some analysis to understand what each audience needs to get from the course and then you can decide with your clients, if that's best done by creating two separate courses, or by creating one course and using variables to direct leaners to the relevant content. 

This article from Nicole Legault walks through the specifics for conducting a needs analysis and includes links to other helpful articles on this topic as well.