Condition not limiting counter!

Afternoon all,

I have a H&S slide with an image showing a number of hazards that need to be found (clicked on). I have assigned the triggers as below, but the counter is still going up if I click on the same hazard again... I know that the Change State trigger is firing, as there is another Change State piggied on the back of it, and that is working!

Any ideas?! I'm likely missing something blindingly obvious, but can't see the wood for the trees!


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Michael Hinze

As per your screenshot _2: 

1. Remove the trigger to Change stet of Freeform 4 to Visited. "Visited" is a built-in state that is called automatically, so this trigger is not required.

2. Select the Show layer Spot 4 trigger and move it down, so that it is executed AFTER the Add 1.00 to Warehouse_found trigger.

3. Test again and see if that fixes your issue.